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Who We Are

Our Story

For over 10 years, we have been serving the international community of Houston and beyond. Our heart is for those who have come to the United States because that is our own story.

Brothers Roman and Pavel, originally from Uzbekistan, recount their journey of relocating to Houston as refugees due to religious persecution in 2007. Their experiences in Houston, a diverse city with a significant refugee population, highlighted the unifying power of sports, particularly soccer. Inspired by a spontaneous beach soccer game that brought together individuals across cultural and linguistic barriers, they envisioned and actualized a multicultural soccer tournament, the Cup of Nations. The event, which started in Houston, has since expanded to 27 U.S. cities and 52 other nations, evolving into a global movement that fosters community interaction and disciple-making through sports.

Our approach

Our Mission
Serve Communities. Make Disciples. Equip Leaders. Catalyze Movements.
Our Vision
To see Disciple Making Movements among refugees and immigrants through sport, play, and fitness.
Why Houston?
Houston is the most diverse metroplex in the world in the U.S. and is growing at an extraordinary rate. It is home to many refugees and a true melting-pot of global cultures. We can reach the world by reaching our city.

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Operating Partner, Auxano Ventures, LLC


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Owner + COO; Piney Rose Floral


Director, Vantage Partners TX LLC

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