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Revival Sport Tutoring is a program that serves refugee students with educational and social development support.


Become a Revival Sport volunteer and join our mission to serve students on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis - start your journey of making a difference today!

Parent Need

If you're a parent desiring to bring the Revival Sport Tutoring Program to your community, reach out to us today - let's work together to shape a brighter future!


We believe that children are an important part of God’s plan to lead the world to Himself!

Join KidsClub

Join KidsClub and embark on a fun-filled journey where you'll learn about Jesus, make new friends, explore exciting ways to experience faith, and learn how to guide others.

Host KidsClub

Host a Revival Sport KidsClub, where children embark on a journey of discipleship, explore salvation, learn to nurture in faith, and walk in God's light - all while having a great time!


League of Nations is a free soccer program in the Southwest Houston area. In our program we strive to help kids reach their full potential by coaching them in soccer and in life.

Contribute Toward Revival.

Whether you are interested in giving your time, your treasure, or your talents, we are excited that you’re considering investing in the work of Revival Sport.