Given the rich diversity of our city, our strategies to connect are equally varied. Revival Sport forges enduring connections with children and families, simultaneously offering avenues for churches, nonprofits, schools, and volunteers to participate. This embodies our commitment to service.


Since 2010, Houston has been known as the most diverse city in the world. With over 260 people moving to the city each day, many of which migrate here from other countries, we strive to serve and meet the many needs they may have when arriving. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this area. We serve because we love.

Cup of Nations

The powerful sport of soccer is a language everyone knows. One game unites us together.


KidsClub is an after school program held every week in the communities where many immigrant and refugee children live!

League of Nations

Our program integrates soccer with life and Biblical lessons, provides guidance, and caters to children’s needs.


Multiplication Focus

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19,  these are some of Jesus’ final words to his disciples. Now, 2000 years later, we are His disciples and aim to obey this same command. It is very important to us that through all of our programs disciples are being made.  We use our programs to reach those who are in great need of hope and who have never heard or accepted the Gospel before. We take the time to show them what it means walk closely with Christ, then encourage them to go do the same.

Our focus is on multiplication and holistic development. We want to see our disciples make more disciples who make more.


Multiply School

Multiply School is much more than just a regular class or lecture. It’s more than gaining extra knowledge or learning more ministry strategies.

Disciple Making Movement Training

Ready to revolutionize your approach to spreading faith and building communities? Join our Disciple-Making Online Training today! Discover the proven strategies that empower you to create a ripple effect of discipleship. Dive into interactive modules led by practitioners, mastering the art of relationship-building, scripture engagement, and prayer practices that catalyze exponential growth. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or new to the concept, our adaptable training equips you to thrive in any cultural context. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a global movement that’s transforming lives.

Topics Covered


Open Resources

The North American Sport Movement is not a traditional organization. There is no centralized staff or leadership hierarchy. This movement is made up of many leaders, teams, organizations, and churches who are all partnering together to have a bigger impact than we would on our own. Our vision is that every man, woman, and child in North America have repeated opportunities to see, hear, experience, and respond to the Gospel through sport, play, and fitness. The need is too great to worry about who gets the credit or whose logo is used. We are willing to set aside our “brands” to see the Kingdom of God expand. Those who serve and partner together in the movement embrace the values of joyful sacrifice, relationship before results, collaboration, and an ownership mentality in order to pursue Gospel Saturation in North America. The movement is easy to join and easy to leave. There are no membership fees or application process. It’s a mindset, a passion, a movement of ordinary people who believe God will do extraordinary things. Are you part of this movement?  

Nations United is a collaborative project that aims to mobilize and equip the Body of Christ to use sport, play, and fitness strategies to reach the diverse population of North America. God has blessed North America with an incredible opportunity to host two of the biggest sporting events. In 2026, North America will host the FIFA World Cup. It will be the biggest world cup in the history of the world with 48 nations instead of the usual 32 nations competing for the title. It will also be the very first World Cup to be hosted by 3 nations. In the summer of 2028, Los Angeles will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games, which is the biggest major sporting event in the world. Historically, various sport ministries and agencies were able to use such major sporting events to mobilize the body of Christ to use sport, play, and fitness to make disciples of all nations for Christ. Such events give an incredible opportunity to build collaboration among ministries, agencies, churches, and governing bodies to expand the Kingdom of God. 

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