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Cup of Nations

Student Needs

Revival Sport Tutoring is a program that serves refugee students with educational and social development support.

Sadly, the students we serve have been uprooted from their home countries and are often struggling to succeed in their American schools. We understand that struggles in school can often translate to struggles with their identity and relationships. By coming alongside these students and helping them to succeed academically, we are showing them how valuable and deeply loved they truly are.

As you can imagine, it’s difficult for refugees to adjust to the American school system as they are often placed in a grade that doesn’t match their current education level. Our tutoring program is designed with a more personal approach in mind as most children need special, individual assistance. We take the time to assist with homework and connect with the teachers to ensure the student is reaching benchmarks. We want every child to succeed in school and receive a great education. Tutoring is a wonderful way to show that we love and care about the children and their families. It’s also a great way to create relationships and lead families to Jesus Christ. – old site content

Our Approach

What We Believe And Why...

We believe that God made each student unique and that He has a wonderful plan for their lives. Grades do not define them; their level of English does not define them; conflict at school does not define them. Their loving Creator defines them. That is why we serve each student with love, respect and empathy.

What's Going On?

Over the years, we have utilized various methods to adapt to the needs of the communities. From a one-on-one mentor style approach to group classes, the goal remains the same: to affirm the value of every single child and empower them to become problem-solvers in school––and in life. Currently, we have group classes for students ages 6-12. In these classes, they practice reading and writing, learn important English words, solve math problems, and learn many other essential skills. In addition to academic work, we implement games and engaging crafts to help the students express themselves creatively, interact positively with one another, and experience joy and peace.

How To Get Involved


Become a Revival Sport volunteer and join our mission to serve students on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis - start your journey of making a difference today!

Parent Need

If you're a parent desiring to bring the Revival Sport Tutoring Program to your community, reach out to us today - let's work together to shape a brighter future!

Contribute Toward Revival.

Whether you are interested in giving your time, your treasure, or your talents, we are excited that you’re considering investing in the work of Revival Sport.