we are serving COMMUNITIES.

Since 2010, Houston has been known as the most diverse city in the world. With over 260 people moving to the city each day, many of which migrate here from other countries, we strive to serve and meet the many needs they may have when arriving. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this area. We serve because we love.



Because our city is so diverse, our strategies to connect with communities are diverse also. Revival Sport creates lasting bonds with children and families while providing opportunities for churches, nonprofits, school districts, and volunteers to engage.

Children’s Soccer Clubs


Soccer is an international language that bridges people from all over the world. It is a great way to connect with youth and give them a valuable activity for after school. During practices, we associate the soccer skill with a Biblical lesson and life value. Our coaches tend to play a fatherly role in many of the players life’s as some of them come from fatherless homes. It is a great opportunity to impact the children of our city. We have developmental sites for children who just want to play for fun and competitive club for those looking to seriously improve their skills and play on a state level.


Children’s Clubs


We recognize the importance of children in the Kingdom of God. Many inner city kids are unable to attend any kind of club or after school activity. We see the need to serve them in this area. We provide fun activities for dozens of children to attend on a weekly basis in their neighborhoods. We enjoy games, crafts, dance and more. We also use this as an opportunity to teach the Word of God to the children and their families 




As you can imagine, it’s difficult for refugees to adjust to the American school system as they are often placed in a grade that doesn’t match their current education level. Our tutoring program is designed with a more personal approach in mind as most children need special, individual assistance. We take the time to assist with homework and connect with the teachers to ensure the student is reaching benchmarks. We want every child to succeed in school and receive a great education. Tutoring is a wonderful way to show that we love and care about the children and their families. It’s also a great way to create relationships and lead families to Jesus Christ.




Mentoring + Development


Many of the youth and families we work with have very recently moved to the United States from overseas. As some of us know, it’s extremely difficult to start a whole new life in a brand new country. We do our best to form close relationships with immigrants and refugees in order to make them feel welcome and help them along their journey of readjusting. An abundant amount of time is spent specifically with the young men of the communities. It is our goal to help develop them into leaders so that they can encourage and help others in their community. We do this through relationships and our mentorship program called L.I.O.N.S (leaders in our neighborhoods). Our main areas of focus are spiritual, social, physical, mental, and emotional health.

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