Since 2005, these are things that we saw God has done for His glory:

  • Ministry impact has been increased from 1 country of Uzbekistan to 34 Russian speaking countries/republics, and 149 countries around the world total.
  • Over 25,400 leaders have been trained to make disciples by using Bible and Sport in Russian with additional 225,000 leaders in English.
  • The growing multiplication of sports ministry teams has grown from 7 in 2005 to 637 now across only Eurasia. It is even more difficult to calculate the numbers across the whole world.
  • Only in the last 5 years, over 7 million people heard the Gospel and have met sports disciple makers.
  • We have seen the growth of 5,700 discipleship groups/underground churches in the last 4 years in Eurasia and Africa alone.
  • Since March 20th of 2014, we have launched a prayer and fasting movement in Eurasia. As a result, we divided a year in 52 weeks. For each week, we had 3 sports ministry teams that signed up to pray and fast for 7 days for 24 hours. Each year we have 156 teams that participate in on going fast and prayer.

Houston and United States

Since 2010, these are things that took place by God’s grace in North America:

  • 22 cities have implemented Cup of Nations in the USA.
  • About 124 teams and over 17,000 players/supporters from different nations have participated in the tournament.  From countries, such as Azerbaijan, Argentina, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Laos, Nepal, Burma, Sudan, and etc.
  • In Partnership with All Nations Sports Academy soccer clubs were started among international communities of Houston.