Houston is now the most international city in the United States and a top destination for internationals. Houston Community Cup of Nations is an indoor soccer tournament held at Houston Baptist University that is designed to reach international immigrants and refugees and invite them into relationships with new friends who have been trained in cross-cultural relationships. Nations such as Iraq, India, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Bhutan and etc. play in the tournament every April.

Community Cup of Nations happens annually in 22 cities of the USA and over 25 counties.


Serving Opportunity

You are invited to serve with us during the Cup of Nations event. Over 20 different volunteer positions are available from set-up/tear down to scorekeeping. Volunteers are needed for all 4 days of the event. You can sign up to come for the whole day or just 2-3 hours when you are available.

Make Friends

Attend a training before the event on how to make friends among nations that live in Houston. Come to the tournament ready to cheer for teams that are participating and get to know people and see how spiritually open they are. Invite those you meet to dinner to share Christ with them or share Christ with them at the event.

Help in the Program

Join the fun by participating in our international food festival or family festival. Your faith group can prepare and serve food for the food festival, of if you love fun, host a booth with an activity (face painting, carnival game, etc.) during the family festival. Both are great opportunities to meet players and their families.

Adopt a Nation

People from over 30 different nations participate in the tournament. Adopt a specific team or nations at the tournament by cheering for them, serving them during the games by bringing water and snacks for them. Continue to journey with them after the event by inviting them to different activities and functions.


Invest financially by sponsoring a specific team or nation. Contribute to Cup of Nations event expenses or to one of the follow-up programs for Cup of Nation. From small monthly gift to sponsoring an entire team. Your investment will enable leadership team to share the Gospel with unreached people’s groups in Houston.

Volunteer After

We have several weekly follow up opportunities after the event. Volunteer to teach in the weekly ESL classes. Become a coach in the soccer discipleship program for refugees. No special skills are required for the positions. Training will be provided.


Do you know other churches, organizations, businesses, or individuals who would love to join us in serving nations? Do you know other people, classes, groups, that you think might be a good help? Do you know nations in Houston that you can connect us with? Please feel free to connect us with others.